Haystack Challenge

Mates vs Mates   Siblings vs Siblings   Girls vs Boys

How does it work?

The object of the Hay Stack Event is to stack 15 Bales of Hay as quickly as possible. One extra bale of hay is given in case you break one.

From the starting formation, one bale at a time must be moved (not thrown) using correct bending technique and placed to form the end stack (as follows) then all bales must be returned to original formation

The Stack must be arranged  in the following formation:

FOUR BALES on the base

THREE BALES on the second layer

TWO BALES on the next four layers

Then the stack must be dismantled - one bale at a time and restacked in the original formation at the starting point.

But wait - there's more - closer to the date, we will advise of some extra challenges to be completed along the way. It may involve a balloon, or perhaps a pie or maybe even a football, but definitely a cold fizzy drink!!.  So, stay tuned for some added twist's.

Participants must NOT stand on top of the finished stack.

To be eligible for the Grand Final held during the break on Saturday's Buffs Club PBR - your team must hold the fastest time over the multiple heats.

Team Members must be over 17yrs of age

Teams to consist of THREE MEMBERS

Mount Isa Show Waiver must be signed


Enquiries:  Mount Isa Show Email

or  give us a call 0409 877 156